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Ecom Academy Content List

Just a brief introductory video on how to get the most out of this course.
  • Welcome To The Course!
Supporting Resources And Networks
The Academy includes a full range of resources you'll get access to including support groups and downloadable ebooks you can keep.
  • Ecom Academy VIP Group
  •  VIP Email Support With Jack
  •  Ecom Profit & Loss Calculator
  •  Product Research & Facebook Ad Tools
  •  Facebook Jargon Buster
  • ​10K Club & Award
  • ​Ebook: How To Source and Sell Ebooks/ Digital Products
  • ​[BONUS] Downloadable PDF Shopify Guides
  • ​Annual Ecom Academy Awards Presentation Night
The Fundamentals of Dropshipping
After watching this section you'll understand exactly how dropshipping works, how to compete against Amazon & ebay and everything you need to know about running a business tax wise.
  • What Is Dropshipping and How Does It Work?
  •  What Is AliExpress?
  •  Why Customers Won't Buy Directly From AliExpress
  •  How To Compete Against Amazon & Ebay
  •  How To Set Goals And Then Achieve Them
  •  Won't The Customer See The Packaging And Price of The Product?
  •  LTD Company VS Sole Trader | Which One Is Best For You?
  •  Dropshipping Taxes and Customs Duty Explained
Building Your Foundations
To build a house that lasts you must build it on solid foundations, it's the same with business. At the end of this section you will have a clear vision of what you're doing ready to put it in to action in the next section.
  • How To Plan A Successful Business
  •  Changing Your Way of Thinking For Success
  •  Key Components To Every Successful Product
  •  How To Find Fast, Reliable and Quality Suppliers
  •  My Negotiation Tactic To Get Cheaper Prices On AliExpress
  •  General Store vs Niche Store vs One Product Store
  •  Choosing A Business Name That Customers Will Remember
  •  Logo's & Finding Fast Quality Designers
  •  How To Find Proven Niches That Will Be Successful
  •  Product Research 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Finding Winning Products
Building Your Store
Follow alongside me video by video and go from nothing to building a fully functional and optimised Shopify store ready to start making sales. Every member gets a full store review included as well.
  • The Way of Thinking Behind A Successful Store
  • Creating A Shopify Account 
  • Choosing A High Converting Theme - Paid vs Free
  • Homepage Optimisation For Maximum Conversions
  • Creating A High Converting Product Page With Oberlo
  • Legal Pages: T&C's, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy
  • FAQ Page (Copy & Paste Template)
  • Integrating PayPal and Shopify Payments
  • Oberlo Integration For Easy Order Management
  • Choosing A Domain For Your Store
  • Key App Integrations To Maximum Profits
  • Shopify Plans Explained For Maximum Profitability
  • Making The Finishing Touches
  • ​Changing The ATC Button Colour
  • Store Review: Send Me Your Store URL
Setting Up Your Social Media Pages For Success
Your social media pages are your first impression when meeting a customer. Learn how to set them up correctly and turn visitors into customers.
  • The Importance of Building A Following 
  • How To Capitalise On Your Social Media Pages
  •  Setting Up Your Facebook Page & Hiding Negative Comments (Copy & Paste Template)
  •  Setting Up Your Instagram (Copy & Paste Template)
  •  Setting Up Your Twitter Account
Facebook Ads Masterclass
Arguably the most important section of the course. Learn everything I have gained from running Facebook Ads for over 3 years. Not only will you learn the most efficient strategies for testing and scaling but also the inner workings of Facebook so no matter the product, audience or campaign you will know what to do.
  • Welcome To The Facebook Ads Masterclass
  •  The Required Mind-Frame For Success On Facebook
  •  The Psychology Of Social Media Marketing
  •  Creating Your Facebook Ad Account
  •  The Facebook Pixel: What Is It? How To Install It? How To Optimise It
  •  My Blueprint For Success With Facebook Ads
  •  The Benefits Of Custom Audiences And Create Them Correctly
  •  Structuring Your Ad Account For Efficiency
  •  Campaign Objectives: Conversions vs Traffic vs Engagement
  •  Should You Always Optimise For Purchase?
  •  Audience Demographics & The Most Profitable Countries To Target
  •  How To Capitalise On Interest Targeting 
  •  Picking Facebook Interests That Contain Buyers
  •  The Expand Interests Button
  •  The Most Profitable Placements And When To Use Them
  •  How To Budget Your Ads For Maximum Profitability
  •  Creating Ads And Capitalising On Existing Posts
  •  Formats: Carousel vs Image vs Video vs Collection
  •  High Converting Ad Copies (Template)
  •  Traffic Campaigns And How To Use Them Properly
  •  My Purchase Campaign Strategy For Maximum Profits
  •  Engagement Campaign Strategy (Building Cheap Social Proof Fast)
  •  Scaling To £1000 Per Day With LLA's
  •  Maximising With Retargeting Ads (The Cheapest Purchases Possible)
  •  Data Explained | When To Kill & Scale Your Ads
  •  How Long Should You Run An Ad For?

Instagram Influencers Masterclass

The influencer world is a crazy one! People grow up wanting to be influencers knowing the kind of rates they can charge for a single post that takes seconds. Learn how to avoid the surface level influencers that you'll lose money on and how to find those true untapped influencers that will promote your products to their loyal following.
  • What Is Influencer Marketing?
  • ​When To Use Influencer Marketing?
  • How To Pick The Right Influencers
  • Affiliate Influencers Vs Shoutouts
  • Influencer Database
  • ​How To Find Influencers (Free Methods Vs Paid)
  • ​How To Find Influencers (Instagram Demonstration)
  • ​How To Find Influencers (Paid Softwares & Services)
  • ​Contacting Influencers
  • ​The Best Shoutout Practices
  • ​Tracking Results With Shortlinks
  • ​The Best Affiliate Practices (Tiered System)
  • ​How To Integrate An Affiliate App With Shopify (Lead Dyno Tutorial)
  • ​How To Set Up An Influencer As An Affiliate In Lead Dyno

Sourcing Products In Bulk & Outsourcing To Fulfilment Centres

Sourcing products in bulk is an extremely effective way to increase profit margins and customer satisfaction rate. Learn exactly how the process the works from beginning to end.
  • Introduction | The Pro's & Con's of Bulk Ordering
  • The Bulk Ordering Process Step by Step
  • EORI Number | Everything You Need To Know
  • Import Fees | VAT & Customs Duty Breakdown
  • Self Order Fulfilment Vs Fulfilment Centres
  • ​My Fulfilment Centre Contact Details
  • ​Do You Need To Order A Sample First?
  • ​The Alibaba Supplier Checklist
  • ​Receiving Your Order Checklist

Maximising The Aftersales

Customer service is key to the longevity of your business. Learn the exact methods I use of dealing with customer emails, queries and disputes to minimalise your refunds and increase profitability.
  • How To Fulfil Orders On Oberlo The Fastest Way
  •  AliExpress Delivery Times & How To Reduce Them
  •  Dealing With Customer Complaints & Reducing Refunds
  •  How To Minimalise Refunds & Returns To Increase Profits
  •  PayPal Disputes and How To Win Them
  • Avoiding Chargebacks And How To Win Them Every Time

Print On Demand A-Z

Print on demand is essentially dropshipping but with normal delivery times which leads to higher customer satisfaction. The beauty is you can create your products to suit a specific audience too! Learn the inner workings of a print on demand store and where to find those viral designs that will make you £1000's!
  • The Inner Workings Of A Successful Print On Demand Store
  • Print On Demand Winning Mindset
  • ​Creating & Sourcing Profitable Designs
  • Finding Reliable & Quality Suppliers
  • The Order Fulfilment Process 
  • How To Adapt Your Facebook Ads For Maximum Success

Shopify Store Credibility

The number 1 reason I see new Shopify stores failing is because of store credibility, without credibility visitors do not trust your site and will therefore not purchase from you. In this section you will learn everything there is to know about store credibility and how to increase it on your store, the changes you make according to this section will have a massive impact!
  • What Is Store Credibility & Why It Is So Important!
  • ​How To Create A Custom Email Address | G Suite Tutorial
  • Business Addresses | Virtual, PO Box or Home Address
  • Business Telephone Number | Answer Phone & Call Forwarding
  • Embedding Facebook Comments Into Product Pages
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